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SECDatabase makes Prospect Researchers work and life easier. From compensation to occupation, from stock holdings to inside trading, you can find out all you need in one search away. You will get notified when your prospects have status changes or new information appears, so you can enjoy a peaceful mind.

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SEC Filings are an ocean of critical information, but a bit overwhelming. With SECdatabase, you will have an information advantage. Our Smart Differ compares the latest two Annual (or Quarterly) Reports, and highlights the changes for you. Real-time alerts let you enter a trade before others read it from the newspaper the next day. You can download financial reports in Excel format, making your model building or comparison way easier.

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Do you feel researching and analyzing countless SEC documents is not the best usage of your time, and hindering your from delivering critical insights to the people who rely on you? SECDatabase feels you. We are here to minimize the tedious work that is draining you. Our advanced and customizable search returns you all insights more efficiently, and more effectively.

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